Terms & Conditions

Article 1- Applicability

1. These general travel and booking conditions (hereinafter referred to as: the terms and conditions) apply to travel and/or travel arrangements which have been organized by Authentic Golf, based in Amsterdam.

2. In addition to these terms and conditions are also apply the conditions set out in the publications for a travel project (website, leaflets, brochures, adverts etc).

3. In case of differences in interpretation between these booking conditions and the conditions mentioned under paragraph 2 prevail the conditions listed in a travel project issued for a publication.

Article 2 – Travel Agreement

1. The travel agreement between Authentic Golf and a client will be concluded at the time that Authentic Golf upon a written or oral request to the client issuing a travel quote which signed by the client and is returned.

2. The contents of the travel contract is determined by the published by Authentic Golf Tour program and/or by another of Authentic Golf-derived publication (s) – one and other as: the travel program. For any deviation or addition is the written confirmation of Authentic Golf requires.

Article 3 – Payment

1. In the design of the travel agreement, a deposit of 50% of the total agreed trip price.

2. The remainder of the tour cost must be submitted no later than six weeks before the day of departure in possession of Authentic Golf (Hastie Golf). In the event of late payment, the client shall be in default. Client is in writing and has pointed out it still possible the possibility the outstanding amount within 7 business days. If payment is not forthcoming, then the agreement shall also be deemed to have been cancelled on the day of absence. Authentic Golf has the right to the cancellation fee payable to charge the customer. In that case the provisions of article 7 apply and already paid funds with the cancellation apply was settled.

3. If the agreement within 6 weeks before the day of departure, the entire amount must be paid immediately.

Article 4 – Travel Guaranteed & Financial Security

1. Authentic Golf is logged on to the GGTO Foundation under membership number 1415. Authentic Golf has the legal obligation to provide a guarantee to its customers, as referred to in article 7:512 of the civil code. The GGTO ensures that you already paid part of your holiday price can be recovered if the tour operator in financial insolvency. This may be before your departure as well as during your trip. Furthermore, the GGTO Fund will guarantee your stay and return trip if the tour operator, due to financial insolvency, can know longer meet the costs. By the tour operator is for this guaranteed a fixed amount of €15.00 per booking will be charged to the consumer. Specifies the guaranteed fund built up and maintained.

2. The following definition of a package tour: a journey that consists of different elements that at least transport and accommodation (accommodation or period of stay of more than 24 hours) or either plus another essential tourist service included.

Article 5 – Total Travel Costs, Travel Time and Travel Programme

1. The published fare is per person. Included in this amount are exclusively the services and facilities which are listed in the travel program.

2. The published fare is based on the prices, exchange rates and taxes, such as this to Authentic Golf were known on the day of releasing the tour program. Authentic Golf reserves the right in case of changes of prices, exchange rates or taxes, to amend the tour price. If this change an increase of the fare with more than 15%, the client has the right to cancel the trip with claim to a refund of previously paid fare (s). However, the aforementioned cancellation must be done in writing within five days after by Authentic Golf communication to the client is done by the price increase.
3. The travel time mentioned in the program is listed in days, traveling days are considered as whole days.

4. Obvious errors and mistakes in the travel program are not binding for Authentic Golf.

Article 6 – Documents

1. The traveller must upon departure and during the trip must be in possession of the necessary documents, such as a valid passport and any necessary visas, evidence of inoculation and vaccination.

2. If the traveller missers part of the journey due to lack of a document, all the associated consequences costs and/or for the account of the client.

3. The liability for damages, for which the usual travel and cancellation insurance cover to commit harm, which, as well as for the client the traveler respectively, may suffer in the course of a business or job, is excluded.

Article 7 – Travel Documents

1. The necessary travel documents will as a rule one week before the departure date in the possession of the client, provided that the full travel price by Authentic Golf is received. Authentic Golf accepts no responsibility for photos, leaflets and other information material, as far as issued or made available by third parties.

2. Costs as a result of loss and/or theft of travel documents (airline tickets, vouchers etc.) are at the expense and responsibility of the traveler. Article 9 paragraph 2 shall also apply.

Article 8 – Modification and Cancellation by the Client

1. Cancellation must be made in writing. The date of cancellation is the date that Authentic Golf receives the cancelation.

2. If a travel agreement is cancelled by the client for every traveller, in addition to the administration costs, invoiced the following amounts payable:
• If cancelled up to 6 weeks before departure: 50% of the participation fee;
• In case of cancellation between 6 weeks and 2 weeks before departure: 75% of the participation fee;
• In case of cancellation within 2 weeks prior to departure: 100% of the holiday price.

Article 9 – Changes and Cancellation by Authentic Golf

1. Authentic Golf reserves the right to make changes to the transport, which, concern the modification of your origin (within reasonable limits), of another type of the same kind of means of transport and by a different carrier, without increasing the price.

2. Authentic Golf reserves the right to change the hotel accommodation with the understanding that to the traveler without increasing the total travel costs, a minimal equivalent accommodation is offered.

3. Authentic Golf reserves the right to cancel the trip due to insufficient participation, the required minimum number of participants is not reached. Notification of this will always take place no later than 7 days before the date of departure. The whole tour cost will be refunded to the client is Authentic Golf.

4. If a golf trip by force majeure, as defined in paragraph 4, not on the published date to run, has Authentic Golf the right to offer a replacement golf trip, whose implementation no later than two days after the originally scheduled date is to take place. If the client does not accept this replacement package, the cancellation policy as stated in article 7 apply.

Article 10 – Liability of Authentic Golf

1. The correctness of the implementation of the third-party services provided in the travel agreement is also to judge the habits and customs of the country and the place where these services are provided and to weigh the amount of the participation fee.

2. Authentic Golf shall not be liable for the damage referred to in paragraph 1, provided that this has not been due to his fault, nor under Netherlands law or in traffic in Netherlands accepted on his behalf.

3. Authentic Golf cannot be held liable if the (golf) course is temporarily closed due to unexpected circumstances oa in bad weather. Not being able to play as a result of weather situations, dusk/or maintenance does not include refunds of green fees. Refund of green fees can take place if the course is fully closed during your stay for any reason.

Article 11 – Obligations and Liability of the Passenger

1. The traveler is obligated to comply with all instructions of Authentic Golf to promote the proper implementation of the trip and is liable for damages caused by his unlawful behaviors, to judge the yardstick of the behavior of a sound traveler. Every traveler must comply with the specified operation in the travel program.

2. The traveler who can result in nuisance or pollution or, in such a way that a good implementation of a travel thereby largely is complicated or can be complicated, can by Authentic Golf, or the tour guide, by (continuing) the travel be excluded. All the resulting costs will be borne by the client.

3. The patron who did not submit to a pecuniary obligation towards Authentic Golf on the principal bear interest at the rate of 1% for each month or part of a month of delay. Furthermore he is committed to paying compensation for extrajudicial collection costs, equal to 15% of the advanced, with a minimum of € 50.0-.