The Classic golf courses of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is not well known as a golf destination, however being blessed with several regions of sand dunes it has the ideal grounds for golf.

The Dutch were very lucky too have had several visits from the design firm Colt, Morrison & Alison in the 20’s and 30’s. The result are some wonderful courses such as De Pan, Eindhovensche, Kennemer, Toxandria, Royal Haag and Hilversum amongst some other less known or defunct courses. These courses are joined by the Rosendaelsche, Broekpolder and the Noordwijkse to make up the Old Nine (Oude Negen) which is a Society of the older best golf clubs.

The Netherlands has a modern road system that makes getting about easy and Amsterdam is a city of great diversity with attractions as the Rijksmuseum, beautiful canals and trendy bars and restaurants.

An unheralded golf destination, the Netherlands has much to offer including being easy to get to with Schiphol Airport being a major hub.

Map of the Netherlands